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Red-Light Camera Malfunctions At Busy Cleveland Intersection

CLEVELAND — One of Cleveland’s red-light cameras went on the blink Tuesday at one of the city’s busiest intersection, adding fuel to the fire for drivers who already don’t like the cameras.The camera that malfunctioned is located at East 30th Street and Carnegie Avenue, and drivers are wondering if they will get a $100 ticket for doing nothing wrong.

Thousands of motorists pass through the intersection every day, and most, if not all of them, were obeying the law when the camera took their picture, something the cameras are supposed to do when a motorist runs a red light.But on Tuesday, even when the light was green or at a complete standstill, the cameras still flashed.It got to the point where you could time the flash every 15 seconds, then every 10 seconds.

Fifteen minutes after NewsChannel5 contacts City Hall to alert them about the issue, a worker came out and apparently reset or shut the camera down.But now some drivers are wondering if the cameras malfunctioned Tuesday, how often do they malfunction?A City Hall representative said that no tickets will be issued for the malfunctioning camera.But write down Tuesday’s date if you traveled East 30th and Carnegie and keep an eye on your mailbox.