What is the difference between the 3 Products you sell?

We sell 2 covers and 1 Spray.

  • PhotoBlocker™ Spray – A can of aerosol that is sprayed on to your license plate. Our special formula high gloss formula, with clear finish, is designed to protect you from unjust tickets issued by cameras that use flash. It causes no distortion and is undetectable to the naked eye from any distance. The majority use flash at some point when taking pictures. It’s great for areas where you can not use license plate covers. Every time it works it will save you hundreds of dollars in fines.

    NOTE: For maximum protection use the PhotoBlocker™ Spray in conjunction with PhotoShield™ Cover. The Spray will protect you from the cameras that use flash and the PhotoShield cover will do so from the cameras that do not use flash.

  • PhotoShield™ Cover – A clear special formula license plate cover, incorporating a thin strip of lens on the inside. It looks just like a regular cover that you find in an automotive accessory shop. However, when a photo-radar camera mounted on the side of the road takes a picture of your tag WITH OR WITHOUT flash, 2 or 3 characters will be blurred due to the refraction caused by the lens. The resulting image is illegible. If one character is unreadable the ticket is technically unusable and discarded.
  • Reflector™ Cover – Works on the same principle as PhotoBlocker spray except it is in the form of a cover. It is made of a clear plastic cover coated with light reflecting crystals. These light reflecting crystals do not cause distortion. Your license plate will be legible form any angle. The crystals act as miniature mirrors helping to reflect a photo-radar camera’s flash. The resulting image is over exposed and rendered unreadable. Great for customers who do not want to spray their plates.

    Warning: The manufacturer and retailer assume no responsibility for any use or application of this product in violation of any applicable law. Before installing this product, please check your state and local laws and regulations.