How many units have you sold?

Our products are sold in 23 countries. We sell our products in the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, Asia, South Africa and South America.

The future is bleak for motorists but not for us.

We expect demand for our products to grow as more and more cities are implementing photo enforcement programs. As the number of cameras deployed increases more and more unsuspecting motorist will be receiving tickets in the email regularly. With fines ranging from $50 – $650 and the possibility of increased insurance premium motorist will be forced to use our products to avoid overzealous prosecution.

Over the past 20 years, motorists around the world have paid fines in excess of 10 billion dollars. In 2001 there were 19 cites in the US that were using cameras. In 2006 there are 198 and climbing. By 2010 the number of US cities using cameras will exceed 1000 and millions of motorists will be victims regularly for going 5-10 miles over the speed limit and/ or for allegedly running lights that have unrealistically short yellow light cycles.

Naturally, demand and use or our e-Book Fight Back “How To Fight Red Light and Speed Cameras In Court and Win” will increase. Additionally, we expect to see sales of our PhotoBlocker Spray, PhotoShield Cover and Reflector Cover will increase exponentially.

  • District expands camera program
    Tarron Lively, The Washington Times – Oct 14, 2005

    D.C. officials this weekend will expand their automated -enforcement program, even though a record-low percentage of motorists are speeding through the District … Critics of the program attacked the expansion as the District’s latest effort to reap more revenue from cameras, which have generated about $117 million in fines since the program began in 1999 …
  • Arizona State Appeals Court Photo Radar Decision
    Full text of the 1992 Arizona State Appeals Decision forbidding the mailing of speed camera tickets.
  • Photo-Enforced Fines
    The City of Berkeley, California, is about to give an Australian company an incentive to maximize citations. The red-light camera system will pay the manufacturer $48 out of every fine extracted from motorists. The city will get $161 per ticket.