Customer Testimonial9

Hi Joe,

Just wanna let you know the result of me almost getting caught by a -camera even though I was using the PhotoBlocker… I wrote to you awhile ago telling you that I got a ticket. You asked for a copy of it. Well, I never got it. I don’t know if you are aware of it, but in Norway, they use a lot of digital cameras with flash alongside the roads. These cameras operate in such a way that you can fool it with PhotoBlocker spray.

I’ll explain more. First, what happened to my ticket? They emailed me the ticket, noting that I could come down to the station and check. I did. They had this huge machine that showed the black & white picture of the front of the car. The plate was all white. It was amazing it was all overexposed just the way PhotoBlocker claims. “So, there’s no number on the plate – how do you know it’s my car?”, I said… “Oh”, the female cop said. “Check this!” She turned a knob, and slowly the picture got darker until you could somewhat make out the characters on the tag… “Shit!”,I said silently to myself… “But you still can’t tell what the numbers are. That one could be an “8” or “0”” and the other one, it could be a “B” or a “D”.” I said. “You can’t do that. You can’t doctor the image. You are tampering with evidence. That is not admissible in the court of law.” I added. She was dumbfounded. I could tell she was totally caught by surprise. “I will have to get my supervisors,” she said looking at me with disgust. “You better! I replied”, confident that she didn’t know what to do. I knew I was on to something. My brain was working overtime. I knew they could not tamper with the picture. All they did is make it blurry enough to guess what the characters could be. I knew I could beat them in court if they dared to find me. After a while, she came back from the back office and she said “You don’t have to pay for it today. We will investigate and get back to you with a decision.” She said. I knew I had made it.Long story, but it’s been six months and I haven’t heard anything more from her, so I guess I’m off the hook. I figured they dropped the charges. So, the point is: Photoblocker did what it was supposed to do. It overexposed the image to the point where it was white. The argument that you could look at the negative of an overexposed image and read the tag number is bogus. The inverse of an overexposed white blob is a black blob and vice versa. Besides, they can not ‘TAMPER WITH EVIDENCE’. It won’t stand in court. They know that and now we know it. Thanks, guys. You have earned a loyal customer. Keep up the good work.

Just to let you know.

Customer Testimonial8

So I’m thinking this phantom plate cover and special spray is just good for avoiding getting nasty and uncalled for red light tickets posted at random intersections.

NO, my friend…even though I wasn’t speeding in one instance..(or was I ?).A speed trap was set up under a bridge. You should have seen the cops face as he looked befuddled as to why after aiming his photo radar whatever gun at me…and getting NOTHING. HA. Boy did he feel confident stepping out in front of my moving vehicle only to just let me whiz by. Huh.

Second time on busy two-way in the local area….One female cop aimed a photo laser gun standing next to a telephone pole (on the curb)…Then another male cop 20-30 feet behind would signal speeder to pull over. This one caught me by surprise. All I know is, while it was too late to change speed…This woman appeared in the seconds I had observing her…Was trying to thinker with her “gun.” Another look of disappointment or confusion on her face. hehe.

Another day of good work for captain phantom.

Customer Testimonial7

I just bought some or the spray and it was fantastic!!!!!! I went through a radar trap at 100Km/h and the speed limit was 80km/h and never got a ticket it was like 2 months ago, and I saw the flash too. This product kicks ass!!!!!!!! I saw the deal on your website that said buy three can’s of the Photo Blocker and get 2 for free, and there is free shipping to people who live in Canada? It said the price was 89,99 now is that in us or Canadian funds? and there is free shipping, right? send me feedback on my question’s it would be appreciated!!!!!! Thank’s for your time and congrats to a great product!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Customer Testimonial6

Working by reflecting the flash makes sense. Arizona is getting ridiculous. No one can drive without having protection on their plate. Cops say the product does not work. Yeah … like I would believe them. Anyhow, it seems your experience confirms my prior comment: for the instant that a camera flash shines, the light produced is blinding, preventing the human eye from discerning detail for that brief period. Similarly, it would cause an extra reflective license plate or tag, that reflects all that extra light to be overexposed in a photo. Your independent tests make sense to me and explain why the product sells so well.

Customer Testimoinal5

Houston has been installing the red-light cameras and they’re even proposing a law to ban the photo spray. I figure that if the State of Texas and the City of Houston are worried enough about it to ban it, then it *MUST* be good stuff! 🙂 That is enough proof for me.

I got mine 3 months ago. Actually, I am adding the PhotoShield cover as well. I want maximum protection. Check out the TechTV test. It was cool. I would like to see some more info on upcoming new technology….

Customer Testimonial4

I saw in the news that the state of Illinois has banned the spray. Why would they ban it if it did not work? I am in Virginia, that does not apply to me. So six months ago I got me some Photoblocker. So far, no tickets. I hope it stays that way.

Customer Testimonial3

Guess what…The state of New York just banned the use of the spray. I saw it on the news. A local politician was quoted as saying cops had shown him pictures of license plates overexposed and unreadable when PhotoBlocker spray was applied. He claimed that the city of New York was losing millions of dollars because of the spray. Loosing??? That is funny …I guess he meant to say the city was prevented from picking drivers wallets. That is what he meant …That is millions of dollars of hard-working New Yorkers. Anyway, they just told the whole state of NY that your product works… Keep it up, guys…

Customer Testimonial2

It’s kind of funny… really… when the cops say it does not work it really means it DOES WORK. Think about it…why would they say it does not work? Maybe it’s because they don’t want us to use the product. It is ironic that the product works so well when the media test it. It is ingenious that a simple spray can put a monkey wrench in the well-oiled money-making photo-cop machinery. We all know it is not for safety. It’s all about REVENUE! Its private companies that that decide who broke the law and they are rigging the system to make a killing….They won’t get me. I have both the spray and cover on my cars. I work hard for my money. I intend to keep it.

UK officials test Photoblocker Spray

UK officials test Photoblocker Spray!

It can be reported that UK authorities have recently tested Photoblocker Spray for effectiveness after receiving pressure from traders.

Local Authority Trading Standards Officials with the cooperation of the and local Safety Camera Partnerships have conducted tests using Photoblocker. When asked for an official reply no one would comment?

However, an official, who does not want to be identified, told us “several tests were carried out using Photoblocker Spray which proved to show that the product surprisingly worked”.

“A range of controlled tests were carried out using static cameras. Tests included driving through cameras at various speeds and at different hours of the day and night. Although some pictures taken did reveal the number plate it can be said that not all number plates could be easily identified. However, tests have shown that it is most effective during low light levels”.

In conclusion, it was confirmed that “Photoblocker works” leaving officials powerless to act.